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HCG Diet Recipe - Vietnamese Pho Inspired Beef Soup

This soup recipe uses the bone broth that I made a few weeks ago. Although my intention with the broth wasn't to only make the Vietnamese Pho, I did have it in mind and knew I would create a soup from it. My dad was in the hospital this week due to a seizure like episode that stemmed from low...


The HCG Diet Controversy - Sustainable and Safe Weight Loss or Fad Diet

A public relations executive out of Chicago recently did quite well with my HCG 2.0 protocol, losing almost 30 pounds in her first round. She reached out to me via my private Facebook group to show her appreciation for all the help she received from my staff. Obviously thrilled with her results,...


Alcohol Consumption and the HCG Diet - To Imbibe or Not to Imbibe

Alcohol is always an interesting subject to discuss, right? In the chance that you're in a hurry and can't read the full blog, let me start off start off by saying absolutely NO beer or wine. It's not worth it. Too many calories. And lets be real, when it comes to alcohol, we want to maximize...


Medicine Has Progressed - So Should Your HCG Diet

Medicine Has Progressed - So Should Your HCG Diet When was the last time your doctor walked into your treatment room with a cigarette in their mouth? It’s likely never happened, right? At least I hope not. I suggest this unlikely scenario because that’s exactly what doctors were doing when the...